Letters | Jan. 2, 2020


Liberalism and latkes

In the spirit of today’s liberal wokeness where down can be up and the moon can be the sun, if either of them so identifies, Laura Adkins tramples on facts and logic to arrive at her bizarre conclusion that a non-kosher latke is the perfect symbol of American Chanukah (Voices, Dec. 19).

In fact, the story of Chanukah is neither complicated nor contradictory. It is simply the Maccabees fighting (and winning) the freedom to practice the rituals of Judaism that they might choose to observe against those that would prevent them from doing so. In fact, the kosher latke is actually the appropriate symbol for Chanukah in any country, representing the freedom to practice religion as one sees fit. At that time (and today), no one is prevented from eating non-kosher latkes.


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