Letters | Jan. 20, 2021


‘Stop the Lie’

Regarding “DC Jews navigate the ‘dark night’ of a coup against democracy” (Jan. 14):
There should be a campaign that says: “Stop The Lie” that the election was rigged. That, in fact, Biden was elected in a free, fair and legal election. Time for truth! The core of the problem is the misinformation.

Monterey, Calif.

Angry at Sen. Cardin

Et tu, Senator Cardin? (“Why we can no longer be a haven of hate,” Opinion, Jan. 14). I am appalled that you have joined the radical left to denounce a sitting president in a op-ed pregnant with innuendo, hypocrisy and hate. Is this how you envision calming a nation riven with division and strife, where Big Tech media monopolies censor conservative voices and views?

Virginia Beach



The caption for “800 vaccinated for COVID-19 at Hebrew Home” (Jan. 14) incorrectly identified the person receiving the vaccination. It is Patrice Uylett, Landow House director of nursing services.

The Dec. 17 article “Menorah mural ‘lighting’ marks first night of Chanukah” incorrectly noted the number of menorahs and where they were painted. There were eight menorahs, and they were painted in cities across the United States and Canada. Also, Yitzchok Moully pitched the idea to Hillel Smith, not as the story described.

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  1. Re: Angry at Senator Cardin

    Enough branding people with labels like “radical left” that could hardly apply to Senator Cardin: Enough being appalled by “innuendo, hypocrisy, and hate” that appropriately falls on the shoulders of the disgraced ex-President—-and those who enabled him, not Senator Cardin. Enough about not understanding the impact of inflammatory and factless harangues coming from the far right media. The impact of FaceBook, Twitter et al and their ability to filter out what is presented on their platforms is worthy of dialogue and a legislative response for defining parameters that allow forums for thought; but freedom of speech has limits. Conservatives and conservative media are not limited in getting out their message via the availability of other parallel outlets.
    Maybe enough pointing the finger at “others” and finally, finally accepting that Mr. Trump and his cronies have done grievous harm to this nation—and didn’t help secure Israel’s future as much as you may think—and voting for him was a trade off where one could ignore the litany of outrages he foist upon us all— and for which there is responsibility to bear. Healing a nation “riven” first requires accountability.
    The sun shone down on the West steps of the Capitol yesterday, followed by the beginning of the uphill climb for all of us, led by —dare I say—a competent, dignified, and decent set of leaders. Let’s give them a chance to heal by relying on truth, science, conviction, conscience.

  2. Et tu, Mr. Coleman? Your comment is an exemplar of hypocrisy in action – – – beginning with “Enough branding people with labels…,” to “enough pointing the finger at others,” your comment is full of “branding” and “pointing fingers at” former President Trump and his supporters, leveling unsubstantiated charges that he and they have “done grievous harm to this nation” and have foisted a ” litany of outrages upon us all.” And what might that grievous harm and litany of outrages be? Moreover, where is the evidence to back up these unsubstantiated accusations of yours? One can only conclude that you, as well as Senator Cardin, have fallen prey to the malignant propaganda of the hard left. Please let’s get real here. I am a staunch advocate of both free speech and civil discourse. Unfortunately, WJW gave my letter an inflammatory title: ” Angry at Senator Cardin.” I am not at all angry at the esteemed senator. If anything I believe that in the past he has served Maryland well, with integrity and courage; and that is all the more reason why I was shocked and disappointed when I read his opinion piece. There has been all too much anger, hypocrisy, fraud, violence, and, yes, censorship (cancel culture) coming from the radical left. And, yes, there is more than enough evidence to prove these charges. So I say let’s go back to the future with the civil discourse that existed in the past before the radical left continues its totalitarian takeover of our exceptional nation.

  3. Dear Judge Caroff:
    Thank you for your response; I too am not angry, just disappointed and discouraged that you and I cannot look out our window and agree on an objective reality as a basis for further discussion. Each day offers more evidence of an unhinged President Trump. If you for some reason are willing to bear the ignominy of separating children from their parents at the Southern border, and, of course, most importantly the incompetent and derelict response to the COVID pandemic responsible for the unnecessary demise of many our fellow citizens (reference the New England Journal of Medicine and Dr. Fauci), so be it—not to mention the assault on voting rights, the climate, race relations……the list goes on.
    If you choose to think that the “radical left” poses a greater threat than what your man in the Oval Office has unmasked, there is probably little I can do to dissuade you—-but a viewing of the videos from the Capitol steps should be “telling.” My offer to have a cup of coffee with you still stands—-maybe decaf, though.


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