Letters | Jan. 30, 2020


Two Holocaust days are too few

Regarding “Do we need two Holocaust days? (Jan. 23): The evidence is clear that two days to commemorate the Holocaust in the United States is insufficient. The dramatic increase in anti-Semitic attacks on streets and in homes, and increased anti-Semitism on college campuses and even in Congress is clear evidence that more action need be taken.
The House of Representatives’ recent action — the Never Again Education Act — is demonstrably not enough. The congressional solution is to increase the Holocaust Museum budget by barely 3 percent — a budget that has not increased a nickel in years, and thus
continues to decline in real dollars.

What ever happened to community efforts and teach-ins at universities? Constant reminders are necessary if we really hope for Never Again.



The long view on Chuck Schumer

In the editorial “The Impeachment of Donald J. Trump” (Jan. 23), the 100 senators are advised that they have a duty to render “impartial advice,” regardless of intense political pressure. One has to wonder how many politicians, who spend their career judging the
political environment, will be able to follow such sound advice.

This seems to apply particularly to Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.). For at least 30 years, he has endangered anyone standing between him and a reporter’s microphone, as he rushes forward to pontificate on any, and every, topic of the day.

The impeachment of our president has been no exception. At every break in proceedings, Schumer rushes out to praise the performance of the house managers and express his hopes that his Republican colleagues will stop supporting the president. The fact that he called for the impeachment of Trump over a year before the events that are the subject
of the present action indicates that objectivity has never bothered Schumer until now.


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