Letters July 14, 2016


Brexit is a welcome vote
On the same day that European Union officials gave Mahmoud Abbas, the “former” terrorist and current inciter of despicable violence, a standing ovation after he accused the Jews of poisoning their wells, the people of Britain cast their vote to leave the EU. Is there a message here (“Brexit’s unintended consequences,” Editorial, June 30)? Are there really Jews who think the EU is a force for good and for Britain to leave is bad? Do they not understand that, given the Muslim populations and birth rates in Europe, the EU is acting in its self-interest to oppose Israel? Are there Jews who are blind to the concept of national self-interest as the EU tries to hold on, but is rapidly succumbing to radical Islamic influence and cultural domination?

Many Jews with longer memories still justifiably hold onto bitterness in how Britain tried to keep us out of our homeland. But at least Britain stood up for goodness against the anti-Israel, evil tide of radical Islamic insanity washing onto its shores. From this Jew to the Brexit supporters: Thank you!

Factories, not farms
Thank you for running the excellent piece “Is Pa. farm going to the hogs?” by Justin Katz (July 7), on the planned hog factory in Fulton County, Pa. The impact of a farm factory on the community from runoff and hog manure, the gases produced by the animals that find their way into nearby streams and contaminate water, compounded by the putrid smell that permeates the air for miles, do not even address the cruel, confined way the animals are produced. These factories are in no way farms.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington did not intentionally do anything wrong by selling the land donated to it to the hog operation. However, the Federation could show its support for the affected community in many ways. I would hope the Federation board [members] can imagine the impact of such a facility in their neighborhoods and agree to financially support the community fighting  the hog factory.


A fundraising concert is scheduled in Hancock, Md.’s town hall on Aug. 21 at 6:30 p.m. with folk and local musicians. We’ll be reaching out to the Hagerstown, Frederick and Chambersburg Jewish communities.

One correction: Our farm is in Thompson Township, not Ayr Township. Our farm started in 1972 as a Diaspora Kibbutz, modeled after those in Israel.
Takoma Park

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