Letters | July 14, 2021


Condemn antisemitism
Regarding “For Democrats, it’s OK to agree to disagree on Israel” (Opinion, July 1):
Antisemitism and hatred of Israel must be condemned whether it is spoken by a far-left Democrat such as Rep. llhan Omar (D-Minn.) or a far-right Republican such as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.). However, one major difference that favors the Democratic Party when it comes to relations with Israel is a shared recognition of the growing diversity in the populations of both nations.

Reform has shifted on Zionism since 1885
Regarding “Are Jews who oppose Zionism antisemitic?” (Letters July 1):
I was surprised to see Allan C. Brownfeld reaching back to the start of modern Zionism (late 19th century) to present what he characterizes as Reform Judaism’s attitude toward the Jews’ need for a state in their ancestral homeland. Much more recently, the Union for Reform Judaism adopted the Jerusalem Program, the official policy platform of the World Zionist Congress. Adopting the platform serves to identify the Reform movement formally and explicitly as a Zionist movement.

Haredi Orthodox parties in Israel have long contended that Reform Judaism is a new religion, not a valid form of Judaism. I hope Reform’s embrace of Israel as the national homeland of the Jewish people will aid the current Israeli government in its efforts to increase the state’s recognition of non-Orthodox branches of Judaism.

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