Letters | July 4, 2019


The other F-bomb

I was appalled that the WJW headline on the front page used the F-word quoting Joe Fridling, commander of Jewish War Veterans Post 692 (“Peace cross decision ‘fakakta,’ veteran says,” June 27). The word has an even more negative meaning than your translation: “ridiculous.”

While I understand his distress, if WJW had to use the quote, it should have been on the page 11 continuation of the article, not out in the open where Jew haters could easily see. We can’t possibly know who reads WJW and reacts.

As anti-Semitism continues to rise, in my opinion WJW made an error in using the word in the headline.



Don’t question the cross

It is a shanda to witness the near hysteria of Jewish organizations over the Supreme Court decision regarding a 94-year-old cross on government property in Bladensburg, Md. (“Peace cross decision ‘fakakta,’ veteran says,” June 27) The organizations maintain that the cross was inappropriate
and should be taken down. The court ruled otherwise. No, the decision was not “fakakta.” It was a recognition that the cross and the Magen David are symbols of who we are as Americans and reinforce our legacy as a Judeo-Christian country.

The Jewish War Veterans of America, together with the American Humanist Society, claims that having the cross on public property “constitutes an establishment of religion.” Do crosses and Stars of David in national cemeteries also establish religion? Which religion? Kudos to JWV member Walter Gold for opposing his organization’s position.

The religion of a soldier in combat does not matter. Christians and Jews train together, fight together and die together. Displaying a cross on public property to honor Christians killed in action should never be questioned.


Keep religion out of reproduction

Regarding “Summer interns hear Reform views on reproductive rights” (June 27), religion should be kept out of it — all denominations, all religiously or identity-mandated convictions, whether left or right.


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  1. Warren Manison’s comment comes across as a Jews for Jesus reaction. The Latin Cross’s major association is with the Crusades (and their slaughter of Jews) and, in America, with the Ku Klux Klan.

    Why should such a symbol be maintained at U.S. taxpayer expense on public property?

    And, being a private place, cemeteries are qualitatively different than public crossroads!


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