Letters July 7, 2016


Not a well-regulated militia
In his June 23 analysis, Ron Kampeas states that Israel has a “well-regulated militia.” This assertion is simply not true. The author treats the murder of a detained Palestinian by an IDF soldier as an isolated incident. It is not. The presence of military occupation at the hands of the IDF night raids, checkpoints, military rule is a daily nightmare for Palestinians living under its rule.

Nonviolent Palestinian activist Issa Amro was kidnapped, had his wrist and nose broken, and was shot three times while working to end the occupation. Illegal harassment of activists does not sound “well-regulated”.

Palestinian death and destruction by the Israeli military are commonplace for civilians living in the occupied territories. Kampeas’ appreciation and near reverence for constant militarization is counter to the Jewish values of peace and dialogue instilled by my lifetime of involvement in the American Jewish community.

Through my participation with If Not Now, a movement of young Jews working to end American Jewish support for the occupation, I now see the tremendous effect that unaddressed trauma and internalized anti-Semitism have on the Jewish psyche. Naturally a people with a history of oppression as strong and intense as ours would gravitate toward shows of strength, typified with glamorization of guns and military might. Is this who we have become as a people? I hope not.


Jesse Rabinowitz
Washington, D.C.

Memories of Robert H. Weiner
I read with great nostalgia and remorse of the passing of Bob Weiner, former executive director of the Rockville JCC (Obituaries, June 16).  He was of tremendous support in our initial efforts to form a Jewish Community Center in Northern Virginia as he mentored, guided and personally addressed our committee, and helped to secure our initial funding from Federation and philanthropists, including Charles E. Smith.

One day, Adele Greenspon, the founder and leader of Camp Achva and future executive director of the JCCNV, and I drove to Rockville to meet with Bob. He listened carefully and advised as we addressed our concerns and needs. After some time, Bob suddenly looked at his watch and quickly rose. “Sorry, ladies. I must run and buy a box of candy and rush home for dinner; it’s Valentine’s Day.” What a guy!

To his family and loved ones, we offer our sincere condolences. The Jewish community of Northern Virginia owes a debt of gratitude to Robert Weiner.
Falls Church Chair of Steering
Committee. First President of JCCNV

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