Letters | Mar. 28, 2019


He’s all in on tough love

The article written by David Brog is probably the most intelligent article about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict I have ever read in this newspaper (“Trump’s tough love is exactly what Israelis and Palestinians need,” March 14). It is time for the United States to stop subsidizing Palestinian rejection of Israel’s right to exist. I am no fan of President Trump, but I will not vote for any presidential candidate that I believe will reverse Trump’s actions on this conflict.


Author can’t handle the truth


The author of a recent article purportedly and quite arrogantly provides readers with the “truth,” but it is instead a clearly jaded, slanted view of it, much like many of the mainstream media outlets (“Trump’s weaponization of anti-Semitism,” March 21). Usually in bashing the president as anti-Semitic the media fails to stress the fact that the president has a Jewish daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren.

Yes, due to his “America firstism” he attracts the nativist elements, but then again both parties have their unintended supporters. Remember Louis Farrakhan? What are we to do with the Republican Party’s and the President Trump’s rock solid support of Israel? He moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, acknowledged Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights and refusing to allow Israel to get bashed at the United Nations.

The author’s attempt to demonize Liz Cheney for failing to sign the House resolution is contemptible for not stating what the real issue was for not signing the resolution: Speaker Pelosi’s total cave to the progressive wing, which is growing in size and strength, refusing to allow the anti-Semitism resolution to proceed without watering it down and making it practically useless.


Letter actually validates Omar

A recent letter of former president of the Washington chapter of the Zionist Organization of America Marc Caroff — why the lack of this full disclosure? — validates Rep. Ilhan Omar’s charge of dual loyalty (“How dare you criticize Netanyahu,” March 7). Caroff insists that a WJW editorial comparing Otzma Yehudit to Kach “flies in the face of the explicit acknowledgment that Otzma Yehudit has been approved to run in the next elections by Israel’s Central Elections Commission.”

His political krumping conveniently omits the fact that Michael Ben Ari, the leader of Otzma Yehudit, has not only never repudiated Kach, but proudly considers himself an apostle and groupie of Meir Kahane.


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