Letters | March 10, 2021


Vindman’s moral compass

Regarding “Vindman: ‘There’ll be a more competent and capable Trump-like figure’” (March 4): Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman (ret.) is a heroic figure who held up the honor of the U.S. Army and the Jewish community. His moral compass pointed due north against President Donald Trump, colleagues and his own family.

The writer, a retired Army lieutenant colonel,
lives in Arlington.

The letter of the Oslo agreements

Missing from the March 4 editorial “The international COVID laboratory,” which states that areas under Palestinian control are being inoculated at a slower rate than Israel proper, is the fact that, based on the Oslo agreements, the Palestinian Authority is solely responsible for the health care of the territories under its control.

It’s also a matter of fact that Israeli Arabs are given the same priority and treatment for vaccination as Israeli Jews, contrary to any international criticism or “Saturday Night Live” misplaced attempts at humor.




The cover photo of Dora Chen in the March 4 issue was photographed by Kris Price, Service Employees International Union.

Aaron Leibel left Israel in 1988, not as noted in “Aaron Leibel’s ‘crazy or courageous’ Israel odyssey” (March 4).

In “Pandemic brings ‘sister shuls’ closer” (March 4), Shaare Tefila Congregation’s president, Perry Sandler, was incorrectly identified, as was the name of the synagogue itself.

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