Letters March 2, 2017


Hitler comparison article needed examples, explanations
I was disappointed in the article “Drawing a line when it comes to Hitler comparisons” (Feb. 23) because I feel it trivialized the unspeakable horrors and millions of deaths caused by Hitler and his henchmen.

In the current supercharged political environment, the topic is a worthy subject for discussion; however, I feel it could have been more effective if historically proven examples of Hitler’s perfidy were cited and explained.

When comparing any American president to Hitler, we owe it to ourselves to be objective, and to make certain we know what Hitler and fascism truly were.

Writer wrong in accusation against Soros
Your Feb. 23 letters to the editor included a blast at Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-District 8) for, among other things, “his hate rhetoric” for nominee David Friedman as ambassador to Israel. The writer went on with an assortment of Friedman defenses and Raskin attacks, capped by the charge that Raskin “ignored that in 1944, [George] Soros delighted in working with the Nazis to confiscate property of Jews taken to concentration camps.” Talk about fake news.


I carry no brief for George Soros, and as a District of Columbia resident I don’t vote in Montgomery County congressional races, but as a Washington Jewish Week reader I would hope you use your editorial judgment. Soros was born on Aug. 12, 1930, which means he was 13 or 14 in 1944. Just how at that tender age he would have “delighted” in helping the Nazis to confiscate the property of Jewish Holocaust victims escapes me, as it likewise has escaped every other fact-checker who’s looked into this.

You are responsible for what you publish. Whether or not one likes Soros’ work, allowing that in your pages requires an apology to your readers, not to mention Soros. Friedman can explain for himself why at his confirmation hearing he recanted a long record of irresponsible and outrageous statements, and why President Donald Trump has already taken positions contrary to his own.

Prediction: Mexico wall won’t be constructed
The WJW editorial “Cracks in the wall” (Feb. 16) made some good points, but left out one important fact. The wall will never get built.

• With the federal government swimming in a sea of red ink, a $15 billion wall is a lunatic expenditure of funds that the federal government does not have.

• In the age of high technology, the federal government could use drones, high-tech sensors and other high-technology methods of keeping out all the supposed drug dealers, rapists and other Latin American undesirables.

• It is a fantasy to expect Mexico to pay for the construction of a wall.

• I would be economic madness to impose a 20 percent tariff on Mexican imports to pay for the wall. Mexico would certainly retaliate with a 20 percent tariff on American exports to Mexico. This would severely hurt the American economy.

• Any legislation to build this wall would likely get zero Democratic votes. With thinking Republicans in opposition, this legislation might not even pass the House of Representatives. In the Senate, the Republican margin is only 52-48. All the Democrats need are three votes against construction of the wall. Republican Sens. Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, John McCain of Arizona, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Jeff Flake of Arizona, Benjamin Sasse of Nebraska, Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, Rand Paul of Kentucky and others are independent thinkers who would likely vote against this monstrosity.

The wall on the Mexican border will never happen.

Keep an eye on what Trump does
The omission of Jews from President Donald Trump’s Holocaust statement cannot be defended. But we would be well advised to watch what he does, because saying the right thing is no indication that actually doing the right or smart thing is likely to follow (“Oy vey, Donald,” Voices, Feb. 9).

Let us hope, for example, that Trump’s Middle East policies and his handling of Iran will help control the fires lit in the Middle East during the Obama administration and which are still raging.

“We came, we saw, he died,” followed by laughter, was the indefensible foreign policy statement of the Obama administration voiced by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She had been in politics for decades when she made that statement. Former Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi posed no threat and Libya is now a failed state.

Stupidity abounds in politics. Let us hope Trump learns more quickly than the previous administration.
Davis, Calif.

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