Letters | May 11, 2022


Too much information

The May 5 opinion piece “Why the Libs of TikTok founder’s Jewish identity was fair game,” that defends the doxxing of Chaya Raichik by Taylor Lorenz, leaves out important points that bear on the consequences of doxxing. The first is the extent of the doxxing. The Washington Post reporter not only gave the name and religion, but also linked to a site that gave the real estate license and possible home address of Raichik. The Post then deleted the link and claimed that they had not published personal details. People angry at the work of Raichik sent hate mail, messages, etc. to her and also to other people with the same name. Also, Lorenz herself complained about being doxxed about a week or so before doxxing Raichik.


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Regarding “You Should Know… Jacob Bogage” (May 4):
Nice article, but anyone who has been in the upper school gymnasium at Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School knows that its walls are covered with championship banners across many sports. They will soon need a bigger gym to display them. Not football, but certainly far from meager.

Abbey Silberman Fagin



Abbey Silberman Fagin, seconding what you said. Anyone who saw the middle school’s boys baseball team today knows it’s far from a “meager” athletic program.

Debbie Mirman Stillman

Regarding “Survivors and their grandchildren give life to Holocaust memories” (May 4):
They were moving stories.

Bari Rabin

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