Letters May 3, 2018


Does J Street know our history?
I read with great interest the front page article about J Street’s recent conference, because I have major problems with the entire organization. (“Cardin find center with J Street crowd,” April 19). When the WJW wrote that J Street “vigorously” supports the Iranian deal, I knew I had to respond.

Yes, I consider myself a liberal Jewish Democrat, but I still do not understand why J Street is not outraged that President Obama entered into this horrible deal, which puts Jews in their biggest danger since the Holocaust without first demanding that Iran recognize Israel and stop supporting terrorism. Is that asking too much?

Does J Street know anything about our history? The entire basis for Iranian and radical Islamic hate of Jews is the lie that we are occupiers. I am only a CPA, but even I could prove in a court of law that the Jews are not occupying Arab land. I would show artifacts of coin and pottery pieces with menorahs and Stars of David on them that were dug up in Israel and scientifically tested to be older than when Islam began. The occupation lie is also a big insult to the 2.5 billion Christians; Jesus was Jewish and also lived in Israel before Islam even began.

If J Street knew about history then it would know that Iran is making up lies to harm Jews (Hitler did that by blaming Jews for ruining the German economy) and would never support this very bad deal. Once we establish this, and the Muslim world accepts this fact, peace will be much easier to achieve.



Time to give up on White
It is time for the Jewish community to give up trying to educate this obviously limited individual (“Trayon White faces Farrakhan questions,” April 26). Inviting him to seders and lox and bagels will not change his stupidity.

A recent visit to the Holocaust Museum demonstrated his insensitivity and was an insult to the memory of those memorialized. We should feel badly for the people he represents who deserve better.


We were praying with our feet
Though the March for our Lives rally was held several weeks ago, I feel that it is still important to keep talking about the important message of the high school students (“Thousands answer call against gun violence,” March 29).

I was fortunate to be able to organize a delegation from my synagogue to attend the rally. My wife and I stayed in a hotel in D.C. for Shabbat and I invited members of the synagogue to meet me at the “Shabbat: Pure and Simple” service at Sixth & I Synagogue that morning. More than 25 Shaare Tefila members met me, and after that beautiful service several more showed up. We gathered in the foyer of Sixth & I and read a moving and motivational prayer by Rabbi Naomi Levy, and then we joined the 800,000 other marchers as we walked down Seventh Street.

I was proud that so many members of Shaare Tefila joined me and that together, as Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel described marching with the Rev. Martin Luther King, we “prayed with our feet.”

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