Letters | May 4, 2022


Don’t turn the other cheek

I was gobsmacked by Rabbi Ben Greenfield’s April 14 op-ed, “Offended by Christian seders? Don’t have one.”

Clearly, he has no problem with Christian culture deliberately appropriating Jewish sancta. The legal term is identity theft. The socio-political term is replacement theory. The theological term is supersessionism. The common denominator is cultural genocide, which has even been known to result in the physical variety (for example, Putin’s brutal invasion of Ukraine).

Greenfield notes correctly that “each religious tradition runs on its own internal logic.” In the case of classic Christianity, that logic, derived from the New Testament, views Judaism as a religious fossil, supplanted by the Church.

It occurred to me, what might be the reaction by Evangelical Christians, whose behavior Greenfield defends, to a question worded as “Offended by abortion? Don’t have one.”




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