Letters, Nov. 15, 2017


More requirements advocated for gun ownership
If we must interpret the Second Amendment as giving citizens the right to own guns, then let’s at least make it a process that ensures would-be gun owners are responsible and knowledgeable in their use (“Las Vegas survivor at Capitol urging gun reform,” Nov. 9).

Gun owners should, at the very least, be required to go through an application, certification and licensing process.

The application should start with a criminal background check. I can’t teach, or even be a camp counselor without one. A potential gun owner should certainly be fingerprinted and be subject to a background check.

The process should include a mental health check. A form should need to be signed by a family doctor or medical professional certifying a candidate’s well-being for gun ownership. My children couldn’t even play sports in school without passing a physical. Gun owners shouldn’t get a free pass.


A gun-owner candidate should need to pass a comprehensive training course that teaches gun safety procedures, how and when to fire a gun, as well as the legal responsibilities of gun ownership. Applicants should have to pass a skills test that demonstrates his/her proficiency in gun use. And, every few years, gun owners should be required to confirm their medical stability to own a gun and take a refresher course to recertify.

If the gun is to be stored at home, proof should be required that the applicant has a safe container to store it in. A gun, like a car, should be inspected at regular intervals to make sure it passes reasonable safety standards and cannot be accidentally fired.

Deadly weapons should not be as easy to buy as a laptop.

And finally, no one needs automatic, military style weapons.

Is there anything unreasonable here?

Don’t turn blind eye to anti-Semitism on right
Gary Gambill wrote a very informative op-ed article about blatant anti-Semitism coming from a well-known public figure, former CIA operative Valerie Plame (“The Plame Truth about anti-Semitism in America,” Voices, Nov. 9). My concern is that Gambill presented a partisan view by blaming the political left for tolerating Plame’s anti-Semitic tirade that questioned the loyalty of American Jews.

However, as President Donald Trump famously stated, “There are very fine people on both sides.” On the far right, white supremacists have coined the term “Israel firsters.” One of them, David Duke, came to Plame’s defense. Duke’s exact tweet from Sept. 22 wrote, “Valerie Plame tells truth about Jewish role in insane wars for Israel. J power made her apologize.”

Those Jews who choose to turn a blind eye to the existence of anti-Semitism on the political right must open both ears when Valerie Plame’s strange political bedfellows warned that “Jews will not replace us.”

Anti-Semitism exists on right and left
The op-ed by Gary Gambill used the vile anti-Semitism and anti-Israel bigotry of Valerie Plame to illogically attack all liberals (“The Plame Truth about anti-Semitism in America,” Voices, Nov 9).

Gambill hinged his argument on a Washington Post columnist who mildly rebuked Plame for making it harder to criticize Israel. He then magically extrapolated the columnist’s attitude to cover all liberals. This is sheer nonsense. It is a sad fact that anti-Semitic bigotry exists on both the left and the right.
Combatting such hatred and cultivating support for Israel is not furthered by his false reasoning.

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  1. While there is a threat both from left and right on anti-semitism, the most enduring and present dangerous is on the left with BDS and continuing education. The right can be restrained but but not the left


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