Letters Nov. 23, 2017


Jews should speak out, protest college faculty anti-Semitism

Why do presidents and boards of universities allow anti-Semitic professors to teach their students (“Is freedom from anti-Semitism a civil right? Congress ponders the question,” Nov. 16)?

Rutgers, an excellent university where I taught for over 20 years, has a significant number of professors who espouse anti-Semitic rhetoric, many of whom support the actions of terrorist groups intent on the destruction of Israel.

Rutgers University has 7,000 Jewish students. Meetings with university officials have not accomplished anything. The university maintains their stance as freedom of speech.


As Jews, every rabbi in this country should speak out when this occurs at any university.

Unfortunately, many of my colleagues spend their time protesting issues which will not save Judaism or help Israel. Major Jewish donors must refuse to donate to universities which hire these anti-Semitic professors.

Jews should write letters of protest to the schools and local Jewish organizations and rabbis. Remember, it is your children and grandchildren who are being affected.


The writer, who holds doctorate degrees in education from Yeshiva University and in divinity from Jewish Theological Seminary, is the rabbi emeritus of Congregation Beth-El, Edison, N.J.

Does museum present promise of land of Israel to Hebrews?

The WJW article on the Bible Museum describes several important Jewish displays (“The Word at Bible Museum leaves visitors speechless,” Nov. 16).

A most important display that would counteract any of today’s questions of Israel’s legitimacy would include a reference to the promise of the land of Israel to the Hebrews and its subsequent settlement. This is written in Deuteronomy chapter I, verse 8, and other sections of the Bible. Does the museum present this?


Silver Spring

Know your enemy before making peace

If Nikki Haley can change the culture of the United Nations with regard to Israel, why can’t Israel change the
culture of division between the Palestinians and themselves (“Backing Israel,

Haley bashes UN, Obama,” Nov. 9)?

In the recent article, Peleg Winer stated: “There not being a Palestinian state is the reason that the conflict will be prolonged forever.”

Israel has been negotiating land-for-peace for decades and all they have received for it is less land.

How will a Palestinian state bring peace to Israel? Suddenly, the Palestinians will forget that for decades they have been threatening to kill the Jews and drive them into the sea? Or perhaps they will decide that their radical ideology and killing the infidel is no longer necessary?

If we don’t know our enemy, we can never make peace with them.



Misler offers many benefits to area’s seniors

I was delighted to read the article about Gloria Eisenberg celebrating her 104th birthday (“At 104, Gloria Eisenberg has unique viewpoint,” Oct. 11).

Too often older adults are invisible as are the programs that serve them. With that in mind, I wanted WJW readers to know about the Misler Adult Day Center which the Jewish Council for the Aging (JCA) established 40 years ago and which works year-round to keep Gloria Eisenberg and dozens of other vulnerable seniors engaged and functioning so well. Adult day care is often not recognized as an important option for seniors who would benefit from a supportive environment filled with activities to stimulate the mind and the body under the supervision of nurses, social workers, aides and activity leaders.

Misler enables this woman and her many friends to stay in the community they love and live with dignity, independence and respect. And for her family, Misler provides peace of mind and critically needed respite from their caregiving responsibilities.


The writer is the director of the Jewish Council for the Aging’s Misler Adult Day Center.


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