Letters | Nov. 9, 2022


Who’s allowed to define antisemitism?

The logical inconsistency of those who proclaim that they seek better Jewish-Muslim relations while vociferously opposing the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism is mind boggling (“Jews and Muslims must be there for each other,” Opinion, Nov. 3).

The IHRA definition is crystal clear that mere criticism of Israel cannot be conflated with antisemitism. But denying Jews the right to self determination while asserting that Zionism is a racist endeavor, or applying standards to Israel to which other nations are not held, are examples of antisemitic behavior under the IHRA definition.

The demonization of Israel is not a good strategy for Middle East peace, nor for better Jewish-Muslim relations in the United States. Those who believe otherwise should not get to define antisemitism.
Burke, Va.

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