Letters November 17, 2016


NoVa woman instrumental in strengthening community
I read with sadness of the passing of Sherry Rodman. She, Ryna Cohen, Judie Linowes and the late Vivian Rabineau were instrumental to Northern Virginia in its first-ever luncheon for United Jewish Appeal (the forerunner of Federation). While serving as the chair of the luncheon, which drew 425 Northern Virginia women, I greatly appreciated their expertise, grace, commitment and encouragement.

The aforementioned women continued to serve as ongoing support to strengthen the Jewish community in Northern Virginia.  From that first UJA luncheon grew the seeds for Northern Virginia’s Jewish Community Center, Jewish Community Council, JESSA, BBYO and Gesher. The loss of Sherry Rodman is a loss to the Greater Washington, D.C., community.
Falls Church

Those who would harm Israel not calling the tune now
Donald Trump is a buffoon, a braggart and a bully. In Yiddish, the adjective is prost, course, base, vulgar, common — not the kind of person you would want to reward with the highest office in the land. Some of his declared policies are retrograde and could cause lasting damage, such as his sometimes opposition to climate control, if he really means it (“Nation votes, heaves sign after bitter election,” Nov. 10).

But my reaction to his victory? Am Yisroel chai: The nation of Israel lives — at least for another day.


The Obamas, the Kerrys, the Soroses, the J Streeters — those who would do it harm — will no longer be calling the tune.

And I couldn’t be happier!
Silver Spring

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