Letters Oct. 19, 2017


Landa organized Oberlin’s Jewish alumni

I have never personally met Melissa Landa. I became aware of who she was when an anti-Semitic activity was reported on a Facebook page authored by an associate professor at my alma mater, Oberlin College (“Loh seeks meeting on Landa firing,” Oct. 12).

Professor Landa organized Jewish alumni, making us aware of the situation and leading us to organize ourselves in that matter. As a result of that insight, over many months I can inform you that she is a person of substance who takes on responsibility, using clear and honest reporting, and conducts herself honorably. I support her now in her effort to clear her name and I support her decision to push back on a firing with no apparent reference to any personal actions.

Without question, I support Professor Landa and hope your investigation is resolved in favor of her being returned to her position where she can continue to serve the students she champions and supports.



Delray Beach, Fla.

More support for Landa

University of Maryland President Wallace Loh can ensure freedom of speech by educating all students and his administrators to allow all to present their nonviolent views (“Petition launched for fired U-Md. prof,” Sept. 28).

Firing of a Jewish teacher for supporting Israel and opposing the hateful boycott, divestment and sanctions movement (BDS) people is offensive to all Americans.

Rehire Melissa Landa.




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