Letters | Oct. 24, 2019


Still a heroine

Regarding “Two Jewish Heroines to get Gal Gadot treatment” (Oct. 17): Irena Sendler was a heroine, but she was not Jewish. She was honored by Yad Vashem as Righteous Among the Nations.


Aft and history


I was interested to read in your Oct. 10 edition that Rabbi Bruce Aft is stepping
down from Congregation Adat Reyim next summer (“ISO ‘compassionate,
approachable, open-minded rabbi’”).

One item to add to Rabbi Aft’s already extraordinary legacy of accomplishments: He opened the U.S. Senate in prayer on Sept. 22, 1993. Aft, the guest chaplain, began by telling the senators: “As we gather together during this historic time, we are grateful for your blessings. Recognizing that the potential for peace and human fulfillment is strong, we accept the awesome responsibility to do our share to realize this potential.”

Aft spoke of “this historic time.” What was that great history?

A week earlier at the White House, Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin shook hands after signing a peace agreement.


Another day of infamy

The hasty and ill-advised decision of President Trump to withdraw our troops who were protecting our Kurd allies can only be compared to FDR’s “a day that will live in infamy” statement after Pearl Harbor (“Betrayal of the Kurds,” Editorial, Oct. 17). Obviously this betrayal of the Kurds is not of the same magnitude, but it does leave our nation dishonored.

Certainly Trump was not naive enough to believe that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan would live up to any agreement for protecting the Kurds after our withdrawal. Excuses may be made by Erdogan as far as the conflict being delayed or continued, but the bottom line is that the one-sided conflict with the Kurds will accomplish Erdogan’s goals with the agreement merely allowing the war against the Kurds to continue.

Honesty is not Erdogan’s strong point and Trump should wake up and realize that he is dealing with a liar. Hopefully a bipartisan House of Representatives and Senate will engage on this issue and will act accordingly with an appropriate punishment for Turkey being veto proof. We have now confirmed that Erdogan is no longer a friend despite his membership in NATO and will impose sanctions that bite. The recent betrayal of the Kurds brings up the question as what would Trump do when Israel is at risk.

New York, N.Y.

Hebrew Home ruling surprises

From the title, “Judge rules for Hebrew Home in religious accommodation case” (Oct. 3), I assumed that the Hebrew Home was fighting for a religious accommodation. Imagine my surprise that they were fighting against one and were “very pleased” that they did not have to grant it.

There seems to be no dispute on the facts: a nurse who was performing her job well asked that as a Seventh Day Adventist she would like to have Saturdays off to respect her religion.They denied her request without saying there would be an “undue hardship.” She sued for religious discrimination. They said that they had that right since they were a religious institution. The court ruled for them.

If a Catholic nursing home were to treat the nurse that way, the Jewish
community would be protesting their insensitivity. Any religious institution should be especially sensitive to the need for people to practice their religion.

I ask that the Hebrew Home respond with why they are “very pleased with the decision.”



Comments on Facebook about “The surprise end of Woodside Deli” (Oct. 17).

I grew up in Silver Spring and never heard of Woodside Deli. My family’s go-to place was Parkway Deli.

Rob Shapiro

So sad. Such a treat to go to this cool, old place. Can’t find places like this

Jackie Bellone

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