Letters Oct. 26, 2017


Has JVP forgotten Jewish history?

I just read the latest Washington Jewish Week and there is another story about the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel, “American Jewish Historical Society cancels events linked to BDS group” (Oct. 19).

I consider myself a liberal Jewish Democrat, but how on earth can Dan Fishback of the Jewish Voice for Peace, support the BDS? I have found that all these Jews who support the BDS also support the Iranian deal and think the Jews are occupying Arab land.

All people, all religions should be outraged at the BDS movement and this horrible Iranian deal that puts Jews in their biggest danger since the Holocaust because President Barack Obama should have demanded that Iran recognize Israel and stop supporting terrorism before agreeing to it.


Has the group, JVP, forgotten their history of Jews in Israel and what “never again” means?

I would love to meet Fishback because two years ago I met a JVP member who belongs to my former Gaithersburg synagogue and I showed this JVP member some artifacts to prove the Jews have been in Israel for thousands of years and before Islam even began. This JVP member just got angrier at me.

The BDS supporters cannot handle the truth.



After taking a knee, what’s the players’ follow-up?

In Rabbi David L. Abramson’s piece, “Taking a Knee, Standing Up for Justice” (Voices, Oct. 19), I take issue with the author’s view of validating this means of protest. It seems to me a very easy way out of dealing with the important injustices these players are protesting at the expense of seeming unpatriotic.

The question is: Is there any follow-up? Are these players doing anything beyond taking a knee? Are they marching in protest? Are they showing up for rallies? Are they donating money to combat police violence? They may be, I don’t know. But it has not been publicized.

To compare just taking a knee with Mahatma Gandhi’s lifelong quest and actions for freedom, with the years of persistent tenacity of the protesters for Soviet Jewry, with the risks and actions of the Boston Tea Party, and with the Freedom Riders’ life-risking protests, is a mockery of their work.

The taking a knee without any other protest actions seems a cheap and self-gratifying act that only makes the players feel good about themselves and provides publicity. This action has resulted in focusing more on patriotism issues than the police violence it was intended.

Without follow-through this kind of protest rings hollow.


Silver Spring

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