Letters | Oct. 3, 2018


Rabbinical history in Congress

A bit of American Jewish history was made in Congress last month.

Rabbi Hannah Spiro of Hill Havurah in Washington opened the House of Representatives in prayer on Sept. 24. This was the second time this year Spiro was a guest chaplain. She also opened the House on May 29.

What’s the historic significance? Going back to 1871, 99 male rabbis have prayed in Congress two or more times. Spiro is the first woman rabbi to be a repeat guest chaplain.
McLean, Va.


Billionaires’ stance is mind-boggling

A recent politics article is disturbing (“These 2 billionaires love Israel and hate Trump, the president who has been closest to its government,” Sept. 20). Both subjects claim they are switching from Republican support to Democrat support because President Donald Trump is doing damage to America and democratic institutions. But neither provides any concrete examples of this damage.

The reporter cites several reasons why the U.S.-Israel relationship has never been so close and states a sad truism that a majority of Jews vote Democrat, which is mystifying, since the greatest support for Israel has come from Republicans — not Democrats. Both billionaires have benefitted from our capitalist democracy that exemplifies the meaning of “land of opportunity.” Yet both now support candidates for Congress who advocate changing America to a socialist nation and reducing America’s support for Israel.

Unfortunately, this line of thinking is not unusual for those of Jewish lineage. For example, Karl Marx wrote the “Communist Manifesto.” Leon Trotsky became the ultimate revolutionist. Saul Alinsky wrote “Rules for Radicals.” George Soros funds ultra-liberal organizations and causes. And then there is Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

These billionaires do not realize that if they love Israel, they have to appreciate that Trump moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. He has eliminated U.S. funding of UNRWA, taken the country out of the so-called Human Rights Council, primarily because of its continuous condemnation of Israel, and cut funding for UNESCO, which denies there ever was a Temple in Jerusalem.

And given the booming economy, just what damage is Trump doing to America and its institutions?

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