Letters | Oct. 31, 2018


An odd view of the ‘mainstream’
The leaders of the Republican Jewish Coalition hold an odd view of what constitutes mainstream views for both political parties (“Chutzpah to accuse to Republicans of anti-Semitism,” Oct. 25). As disturbing as it is to hear various Democratic candidates’ inflammatory statements about Israeli policies toward the Palestinians, the fact of the matter is that many of us Diaspora Jews, including Republican Ronald Lauder, have expressed serious concerns about the Netanyahu government’s actions that mover further away from a two-state solution.

As concerning as the anti-Israel stances are of candidates such as Keith Ellison and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, neither of them marched in the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. It is far more alarming for the Republican mainstream president to implicitly condone the actions of the anti-Semitic, white Christian supremacists who participated in that event.
Alexandria, Va.

Disappointed in Montgomery County choice
I was very disappointed in your endorsement for Montgomery County executive (“Floreen for Montgomery County executive,” Oct. 11). You totally overlooked Marc Elrich’s record on the County Council, while willfully disregarding Nancy Floreen’s reason for running.

Elrich and Floreen agree on most issues. Elrich has consistently said from the start of the primary campaign season that we need to grow our economy and eliminate disparities within the county. He is not anti-growth, he is for planned growth. There is a difference. He has taken the enlightened view of working with labor, not against it, to achieve savings.


Elrich’s motivations have been clear from the start, as they have been through his political career. In contrast, Floreen only entered the race at the last minute at the urging of, and with financial support from, developers, yet you naively say that doesn’t “put her in the pocket” of the interests that are backing her. She did this while ditching her long-time membership in the Democratic Party.
Your pick was a poor one.

Time to pool resources

Thank you for reporting in your recent issues about two Jewish Republicans donating to the Democratic Party and another Jewish Republican (Sheldon Adelson) donating to the Republican Party. Your articles show that despite their differences, all three are motivated by patriotism to the United States and to supporting many functions in Israel.

Perhaps, they and others can support upgrading the U.S. electronic voting system, in which the Sept. 30, 2018 New York Times Magazine details many examples of dysfunctional and questionable election security. That article focuses on voting machines and the electronic environment in which they are embedded.

Perhaps, these three civic-minded individuals (and others with means) all can pool their resources, experience and expertise. They can focus on certain states, with input from auditing, statistical sampling, computer security and other programming experts. The need is clear.
Silver Spring

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