Letters Oct. 5, 2017


Neither fixing nor nixing

Regarding your editorial “A Scary General Assembly” (Sept. 28): Iranians do not need “to build nuclear weapons.” North Koreans are doing it for them. And no sanctions can discourage Pyongyang from testing, because Teheran will easily and gladly reimburse any such losses with the billions of dollars facilitated by Washington and the 5+1 deal: the blunder that no “fixing or nixing” can undo.

North Korea is not crazy enough to plan an attack on the United States. The pretending is intended to deflect attention from the real thing, their 1+1 deal with Iran. They did that kind of business with Libya, Syria and quite likely with Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, didn’t they?

What scares me the most is the lack of focus or deliberate silence of the world’s leaders and the media.




A long list of accomplishments

Your article on the passing of Rabbi Joshua Haberman (“Haberman is recalled as lifelong teacher,” Sept. 28) cited so many of his considerable accomplishments.

Also worth remembering:

From 1970 to 1997, he was guest chaplain in Congress seven times — six times in the Senate and once in the House of Representatives.

He holds the record for most consecutive days that a rabbi gave the opening prayer in Congress — four straight days in the Senate in 1995.

When he was House guest chaplain on June 4, 1985, he was sponsored by Rep. Ben Gilman (R-N.Y.). He had recently officiated at Gilman’s wedding.

Haberman was one of six rabbis from Washington Hebrew Congregation who have served as a guest chaplain in Congress, going back to 1876. That’s the most for any synagogue in America.



In opposition of BDS letter

In reference to the letter “Defense of Israel BDS law misses point of objections” (Sept. 28), it is easy for the writer, sitting in the comfort and safety of her home, to bloviate on Israeli government policy. Indeed, if the writer is so concerned about Israel’s “pejorative” attitude toward the BDS crowd, perhaps she should seek Israeli citizenship and thus more legitimately protest against that government’s position on this issue.



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