Letters | Sept. 26, 2019


Bowers hated Trump

The Sept. 12 letter “What Justice Demands” regarding the massacre at the Tree of Life Synagogue says that “…President Donald Trump, whose anti-Semitic rhetoric about George Soros incited Bowers to attack Jewish worshippers…”

I went through all the remarks (disgusting and bizarre though they are) that Bowers made on Gab in the 19 days before the massacre.

There is no remark of Bowers that supports the allegation in the letter. Bowers mentioned Soros once and Trump three times without tying them together. From Bowers’ remarks, it seems that Bowers hated Trump even more than he hated Soros. This anti-Trump view on the part of Bowers makes implausible the idea that Trump’s opinion would incite Bowers.



Netanyahu doesn’t need permission

I find it unconscionable that Prime Minister Netanyahu believes it necessary to seek permission from President Trump before acting on important decisions regarding the future of Israel and Palestinian relations. The great majority of American Jews do not
support Trump and will not vote for him just because of his off-the-cuff support for Israel.
Most Jews, like myself, believe that secure West Bank borders are essential for the country’s survival.

Acquiescing to Trump is an insult to a democratic Israel and diminishes its standing in the world. It will not change the minds of American Jews and will never lead to security or peace for Israel. This will only be achieved through negotiations, however long it takes.


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