Letters | Sept. 30, 2020


Look around without anger

Regarding Letters to the Editor, Sept. 24: I find the amount of anger spewed
unacceptable — by all sides. By all means give President Trump credit for moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem and completing an agreement with the UAE and Bahrain (with more states to follow) on his watch. Let’s not magnify those accomplishments, however, and let’s understand the changing scenery in the Middle East. Let’s also not denigrate the Obama-Biden administration or cast Democrats as suddenly anti-Israel.

I am uncertain that the actions of the Oval Office have made Israel more
secure; pulling out of an Iran deal has only served to accelerate tensions without any good options in sight — as imperfect as that international arrangement may be (it is still embraced internationally).

Any rational review of Trumpian policy on immigration, health care,
voting rights, disaster relief to Puerto Rico, embracing nonsense instead of science per the COVID pandemic, the inescapable connection between
rhetoric and the rise of white supremacy and anti-Semitism, the denial of climate change and attack on the institutions that make us the democratic society we are purported to be can only come to the conclusion that this administration is both incompetent and complicit in the deaths of thousands of citizens (that could have been prevented).

No, Democrats are not fomenting violence in the streets, or for “open” borders, etc. We all should acknowledge the need to rethink what social justice means as it applies to our legal system, maldistribution of wealth, equal opportunity, etc. Redistribution of resources, not “defunding the police” is the better paradigm. These precepts are well founded in Judaic tradition and mores.


This is an election where the soul of America is at stake. Again, give Trump credit for the things you think he has accomplished; but a transactional, erratic, deny the facts individual lacking empathy and common decency is not the person you should want in the
White House.


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  1. I believe the publication of Raymond Coleman’s letter (above) constitutes a glaring example of journalistic misfeasance on the part of WJW. The letter is an exact duplicate of Mr. Coleman’s ONLINE RESPONSE to an ONLINE COMMENT I made regarding the letters to the editor of September 23.
    I believe this constitutes an act of fundamental unfairness on the part of WJW, and a veiled attempt to “cancel,” or bury, the facts that form the basis of my online comment.
    In contrast to my ample use of facts to support my conclusions, I also note that Mr. Coleman’s letter is devoid of specific facts to support his extremely vicious charges against the POTUS to the effect that the president and his administration are ” both incompetent and complicit in the deaths of thousands of citizens.” Talk about “anger’ and a vivid display of Trump Derangement Syndrome!
    It should also be noted that I additionally sent my online comment as an email to the editor of WJW for possible publication in the corresponding print edition.
    Now, I will again send my online comment of Sept. 23 to the editor, and we will see if the editor has the common decency to publish it in next week’s WJW print edition so that fundamental fairness prevails over “cancel culture.”

    Hon. Marc L. Caroff
    Virginia Beach, VA

  2. I don’t believe the “letters” section has to be a forum for tit for tat dialogue, but in deference to everyone “weighing in” it does give each of us an opportunity to express our thoughts. I would suggest—since the gauntlet has been thrown down about “facts”— that it would be useful to have an independent fact checker vet assertions made. I don’t think we can really have a constructive conversation if we cannot establish an objective reality as a baseline, and lower the rhetoric at the same time.

    Respectfully gain,


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