Letters September 1, 2016


Kaine no friend of Israel
The column in Washington Jewish Week by Sen. Benjamin Cardin (D-Md.) was the ultimate in chutzpah (“Why Tim Kaine, Clinton’s VP pick, is good for Israel and Jewish values,” Voices, Aug. 25).

Cardin, who voted against the Iran agreement, was supporting Sen. Kaine as being a friend of Israel when in fact Kaine helped forge the agreement with Iran. The fact that the Iran agreement is bad for Israel is evidenced by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before a joint session of Congress. Further, a friend of Israel would not have been one of eight senators (all Democrats) who walked out of the Prime Minister’s address. Sen. Kaine, a friend of Israel? Hardly.

Revisit candidate’s values
One Sunday morning at Temple Rodef Shalom in Mclean, I was lucky to hear the executive director of the Virginia Israel Advisory Board, Ralph Robbins, speak.

He spoke of problem-solving that was being done with the Commonwealth for out-of- work coal miners and establishing soybean farms, the establishment of Sabra Hummus manufacturing in the Commonwealth and work with Virginia Tech raising tilapia.
When it was announced that neither Virginia senator would attend Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress, I wrote to them and reminded them of Virginia’s working relationship, I got an answer to the tune of “it isn’t important.”


I wondered what was more stunning: the stupidity or the rudeness.

Want to revisit the candidate’s real values (“Why Tim Kaine, Clinton’s VP pick, is good for Israel and Jewish values,” Voices, Aug. 25)?

BLM sows racial discord
I must conclude that Abraham Joshua Heschel would definitely not approve of  Black Lives Matter, the self-styled civil rights movement supported by another Jew, George Soros (“Would Heschel back Black Lives,” Aug. 25).

BLM was founded on the fiction of the unjustified killing of a black man by a police officer when in fact that officer was found to have justification for his self-defensive act. BLM, which is concerned with only blacks who are killed by police and not the many black men killed by other black men, was started to promote racial division and has inspired an increase in assassinations of police officers, the very group necessary to curb violence in the black community.

BLM’s adoption of anti-Semitism reinforces the judgment that this group’s purpose is not social justice but racial discord. Why WJW would give them such expanded coverage two weeks in a row is beyond comprehension.
West River

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