Letters | September 1, 2022


Rosen was better than most

I was surprised that the article “10 Jewish Baseball Players” (Aug. 18) left out Al Rosen. He played for the Cleveland Indians from 1947 to 1956 and started regularly, playing third base. I believe he was the league leader in RBIs and HRs twice and had a very good batting average. And probably was the best Jewish baseball player after Greenberg and Koufax, certainly better than those mentioned in the article.


More Backbone Needed

Your editorials for Aug. 25 display a sharp contrast in
willingness to express a definite stand. In “The threat of
Itamar Ben-Gvir,” you express displeasure with the likes of
Ben-Gvir and right-wing extremists in their degenerative
effect on Israeli democracy. But in “The Trump effect,” you are
obviously hesitant to take a stand on the deleterious effect
of Trump on American democracy, limiting your tut-tuts to
the potential “impact of one man on the electoral process.”
You perhaps imply this is deplorable without saying
so explicitly but it all looks weasly and spineless. Are
you afraid to state openly that the Trump effect is as
degenerative on U.S. democracy as Ben-Gvir is on Israeli
democracy? Or is there some reason we should know that
this is not the case? Please speak up with a backbone.


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