Letters | September 16, 2020


No cause for alarm

Regarding the letters to the editor in the Sept. 10 issue: Along with some letters denouncing President Donald Trump for many of his administration’s actions, you have a photo of a group of Trump supporters at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s annual meeting in 2019. I am wondering if any of those Jewish supporters of President Trump have changed their minds since reports of his despicable statement about our fallen heroes: “They are a bunch of losers and suckers.” And what about Trump’s taped admission to Bob Woodward in February 2020 that Trump knew that the coronavirus was airborne and deadly?

Trump said he did not want to panic us about the virus. I really don’t appreciate his concern after he probably caused the death of thousands by falsely announcing that the virus was no big deal, that it will go away and maybe inject yourself with disinfectant.

Silver Spring

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