Letters September 22, 2016


Synagogue community excited for centennial, rabbi’s 25th anniversary celebration
Thank you for printing the article on Tifereth Israel’s upcoming centennial (“Tifereth Israel turns 100, embraces innovation,” Sept.15).

As noted in the article, next spring will also celebrate the 25th anniversary of Rabbi Ethan Seidel’s tenure as our rabbi. We admire Rabbi Seidel for his leadership as an example to others of healthy living, caring for the community and respect for Jewish learning. Through his efforts, TI has been a hub for innovative Jewish ventures such as Soupergirl and Kol Foods. In addition, Rabbi Seidel has integrated new and novel elements to our Shabbat service such as plays on the parsha and introducing his own melodies.

We are excited to celebrate Rabbi Seidel and the entire TI community.
President of the TI Board

Chair, Centennial Planning Commitee


Never too many Jews in Israel
Alon Tal is totally off base in stating and writing that Israel has maxed out population-wise (“How many is too many? Environmentalist says Israel in population crisis,” Sept. 15).

There can never be too many Jews in Israel.  When concerns arise about overpopulation, instead of building out, you build up. Tal should visit Singapore and Hong Kong, and perhaps Manhattan, if he wants to better understand that concept.

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