Letters | September 9, 2020


You call these Jewish values?

Regarding “Many Orthodox Jews support President Trump. I’m one of them — here’s why” (Voices, Sept. 3): I have to respect Binyamin Rose, but am compelled to point out that Trump’s behavior and actions are contrary to traditional Jewish values: “That which is despicable to you, do not do to your fellow; this is the whole Torah and the rest is commentary, go and learn it” (Babylonian Talmud, Shabbat 31a).

Trump has issued orders silencing the intelligence agencies, has fired inspectors general who found violations in his administration, destroyed the careers of those who testified or spoke about his misdoings, removed consumer protections, removed anti-pollution protections, sought revenge on persons and cities that have not supported him. His actions threaten the foundations of democracy, yet you support him.


Look beyond the embassy move

According to Binyamin Rose, Orthodox Jews support President Trump because he supports parochial schools, is good for Israel and because Democrats support Palestinians. The Jewish principle of tikkun olam [repairing the world] does not enter the equation — ignored in Trump’s case. This rationale doesn’t hold water.


I, too, liked the embassy move to Jerusalem — a long overdue act. He also deserves credit for the Israel-United Arab Emirates peace deal. However, this deal has been in the works for years. Intelligence and other security actions have existed for years. Having a common enemy in Iran is a major factor.

The Democrats have a long history of supporting Israel. President Obama gave more money for Israeli defense than any other president. He provided the funds for Israel to finish development of Iron Dome and to purchase the necessary missiles for their defense during active hostilities.

I acknowledge pro-Palestinian Reps. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) and Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), but Republicans need to acknowledge their larger number of senators and representatives who are anti-Semitic. At least 19 believers in the QAnon conspiracy ran for Republican seats in the primaries.


The company you keep

Binyamin Rose’s opinion piece is insightful. It’s also deeply disturbing, sad and even a bit scary: “Law and order must be restored”; the Democratic Party’s “progressive wing tolerates the mayhem”; “family values championed by Ronald Reagan and the Bushes”; marriage exclusivity “between a man and a woman.”

Rose is correct: On important issues, Orthodox Jews have more in common with Evangelical Christians than with most of their fellow Jews. Which reminds me of the expressions, “You will be judged by the company you keep” and “Tell me with whom you associate, and I will tell you who you are.” Of the nine Jewish members of the Senate, all are Democrats. Of the 27 Jewish members of the House of Representatives, 25 are Democrats. Thank goodness that it is abundantly clear that the overwhelming majority of Jews are enlightened, science-oriented, progressive and embrace multiculturalism.

Chevy Chase

Necks on the line or knees on the neck

Regarding “An expert analyst breaks down the ‘militia movement’” (Nation/World, Sept. 3):
I am as disturbed as Alex Friedfeld is with regard to armed vigilantes taking to the streets since the horrible George Floyd killing. However, the article does not give any measure of credence to the major causes of the disturbances that have taken place over the past five months.

Whatever the reason, whether it be election year politics or being caught in their liberal ideology, many large-city mayors and governors have refused to properly condemn or, in some instances, refuse to recognize the lawlessness that has occurred in their jurisdictions.

Yes, there have been antifa agitators mixed in with protesters, but if you looked closely at the rioting that occurred in New York, Philadelphia, Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles, the looting and destruction of businesses, many minority owned, was not done by antifa groups but groups of youths bent on theft. The unwillingness of the mayors of these cities to protect these businesses created a distinctive environment for violence.

Adding fuel to flames, by clearly playing to the mob by throwing their officers to the media mob and second guessing any kind of use of force even in situations where the department manuals clearly allowed for it, frontline police officers are clearly wondering if putting their necks on the line is worth it.


Responses to Jessica Krug story

Comments on Facebook regarding “Post says GW professor raised white and Jewish falsely claimed to be Black” (washingtonjewishweek.com, Sept. 4):

This is a deeply offensive and sad situation. Her actions make a mockery of Black and Latinx cultures. I think GW is taking the right actions.


This shift likely was very convenient for her. She learned ?? from Nazi thieves who stole Jewish homes and belongings. Nothing evil followed THEM! But a Jew doing the same?? Bring on the militia. Fast!


Malkie Lundner what are you talking about? Lying about being black cannot be excused because of Nazism, nor can it be blamed on it. Some might find it a compliment, others an affront, but racism?


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  1. In his letter to the WJW of September 9, Mitchell Katz points out that of the 27 Jewish Congresspersons, 25 are Democrats. Where were these 25 Jewish Democrat’s when Congress. Tlaib and Omar were making their anti-Semitic remarks? why didn’t they speak out? Why didn’t they speak out against Speaker Pelosi’s endorsement of the re-election if these bigots? Why didn’t these Jewish Democrat’s speak out against Congressperson Orcasio-Cortez’ singling our Stephen Miller for being Jewish or her obscene comparison of the INS’ holding facilities to Nazi Concentration camps? Why haven’t they spoken out against the targeting of synagogues and Jewish businesses during the riots in Democratic cities?

    If we are not for ourselves, who will be?

  2. Re David Mendelsohn’s letter, it should be disregarded in the court of informed public opinion as having zero credibility. Why? Because he levels extremely serious allegations at our president without a scintilla of specific facts to back them up.
    Same for Kenneth Shere’s letter. In fact, Mr. Shere is 180 degrees off. For example, he seeks to belittle Trump’s triumph in facilitating the Israel-UAE peace deal by implying it was in the works prior to Trump assuming the presidency. Totally inaccurate. In fact, Trump totally upended the peace paradigm that got nowhere under former presidents. Trump successfully adopted Netanyahu’s brilliant “outside-in” formula by encouraging the Arab world to normalize relations with Israel , while no longer allowing the palestinian rejectionists to wield a veto over true peace and prosperity. Also, his claim that Obama was a staunch supporter of Israel is risible. Any person with a grasp of the facts would know that Obama was anything but pro-Israel. Not to mention the totally unsubstantiated and false claim by Mr. Shere that there are a larger number of Republican senators and representatives who are anti-Semitic than there are Democrats.
    Re Mr. Mitchell Katz’s letter, the statement that “Orthodox Jews have more in common with Evangelical Christians” says more about ultra-liberal fellow American Jews’ indifference to the extreme violence and terrorism perpetrated by the radical left and Islamic radicals both in the U.S. and in Israel, than it does about Orthodox Jews.

    Marc Caroff
    Virginia Beach

  3. I would like to clarify my previous comments: In this century of new normals, I am embarrassed for many of my co-religionists’ failure to grasp the obvious — the Republican Party has become the new Democratic Party, and the Democratic Party has become the new Marxist-socialist, read Communist, Party.


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