Letters to the Editor | Oct. 19, 2022


A leader is a leader

In your Oct. 13 issue, you beautifully introduced Cantor Suzanne Hamstra of Washington Hebrew Congregation. But why did you fall into the trap of needless stereotyping? Usually your writing is more sensitive. “Women-led clergy and staff” could have easily been omitted. You have never (correct me if I am wrong) used “men-led” or any other breakdown of exemplary Jewish leadership by gender, sexual preference, race or age.

Some plusses of a gas deal with Lebanon

As the issues of energy and the environment become present and future issues for the world community, the long-term dispute over Israeli and Lebanese maritime rights should become front and center (“The promise and uncertainty of the Lebanon gas deal,” Editorial, Oct. 13). Since Hezbollah will remain a Lebanese proxy for Iran for many years to come, Israeli energy policy should not become paralyzed from making an agreement with the Lebanese government.

Some advantages of this deal which benefit Israel are that the extracted gas can boost its economy, as well as be exported to Europe to help ease their loss of Russian gas. Perhaps even more importantly, since Lebanon and Israel have never signed a peace treaty, it’s at least a de-facto recognition of Israel’s right to exist.

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