Magnificent legacy


I am aware that you are very selective about what letters you print. The letter “Data omitted” (WJW, July 24) should not have appeared.

Why would anyone dare to insult Rabbi Schneerson? He has left a magnificent legacy which his Chasidim all over the world are following. These people are doing nothing but good things. They are openhearted – everyone regardless of orientation is welcome to the homes and synagogues of the Lubavitch – and most of them are not judgmental.

Because of their worldwide activities, today observant Jews can find kosher food almost everywhere they travel.

The writer also stated that Rabbi Schneerson got training in Paris as an electrician. I had the good fortune several years ago to meet a gentleman who had been the rabbi’s roommate at the Sorbonne where he studied physics.

Furthermore, wigs are perfectly acceptable.


Silver Spring

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  1. 1. Ms. Neumann claims that “wigs are PERFECTLY acceptable.” Where did she obtain her yadin yadin smicha to be able so authoritatively render this psak din? WHICH CONTRADICTS THE TALMUD, as Mr. Gottlieb noted.
    2. Ms. Neumann’s “rabbi’s roommate” source is a fabricator. It has been documented that R. Schneerson never matriculated at the Sorbonne, but at a technical school nearby. Chabad literature claims that he trained as an engineer. Ms. Neumann’s source says he studies physics. Which was it? Actually, neither- as Mr. Gottlieb noted.

  2. Ms. Neumann queries “Why would anyone dare to insult Rabbi Schneerson?”
    Since when does telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, constitute an insult? According to Rashi, “God’s seal is truth”!
    Unless, it is the case that being an anti-Zionist herself, she finds it embarrassing that this loathsome aspect of the Schneerson legacy has finally been given its long-overdue and proper exposure. As for “good things” being done: Mussolini made the trains in Italy run on time; and Hitler was anti-smoking and anti-gun control.


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