My Star of David Necklace

Madeleine Stern’s Star of David necklace and tallit. Photo by Madeleine Stern

By Madeleine Stern

My Star of David necklace

Hidden away in a drawer

Little did I know it was so precious

A symbol to wear and not ignore


Middle school was not a safe place

Don’t talk about your religion too loudly

My Jewish identity I could not embrace

Of the few Jews, none spoke proudly


“What a fat, f***ing Jew

Ovens, smoke, burning, a lot of screaming

Ha, we aren’t scared of you”

Their jokes would never end it was seeming


Now in high school a lot has changed

I made new Jewish friends, although far away

Offensive comments are no longer exchanged

And I talk about BBYO at least once a day


I feel proud of my Judaism at last

More of the rituals have deep meaning

Shabbat dinners are a blast

As is swaying with my youth group’s Havdalah singing


So back to my Star of David necklace

The jewelry piece I most adore

I’m sorry I was unable to notice

All the beauty and specialness you had before

Madeleine Stern, 16, lives in Annapolis.

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