NCJW plans move to Washington


The National Council of Jewish Women announced that it will relocate its headquarters from New York City to Washington in September, and that following the move, in June of 2019, the organization’s CEO will step down.

Nancy Kaufman has led the organization for seven years, following her 20-year tenure heading up the Jewish Community Relations Council of Boston.

According to Kaufman, the headquarters move is to increase the organization’s presence on Capitol Hill, doubling its Washington staff.

“Given the current administration’s regressive policies, women, children and families urgently need more advocates on the Hill, near the Oval Office and in the halls of power in D.C. to ensure that their voices are heard,” Kaufman told The Forward.
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  1. I have long thought, way before this Adminstration, that more of the national Jewish nonprofits should move their HQs to the Washington area where there is access to government, rents for offices and homes are cheeper. NCJW is quite smart to do this as it will save a lot of money for the organization, reduce pressure on their staff as NY housing prices are so high, and greatly increase their power. Kol HaKavod to Nancy K. Kaufman​ for making this smart decision. She’s an extraordinary leader. I am sure that her grandkids will be thrilled to see more of her when she “retires” but I hope see will stay deeply involved in the Jewish community in some capacity as she’s a star.


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