New items abound for holiday

New kosher-for-Passover items dot the shelves at Giant on Rockville Pike. Photo by Jared Foretek.

The kosher-food world is once again in fifth gear as brand new, never-before-seen kosher-for-Passover products hit grocery shelves and the holiday approaches.

Nearly 55,000 items will be available for Passover this year, the Jewish Link of New Jersey reported. And according to USA Today, the eight days of Passover make up $1.3 billion of the $12 billion kosher market annually.
But what about locally? What’s new this year? We went to find out.

This year’s selection sees new twists on old favorites from heavy hitters Manischewitz and Lieber’s, but an exhaustive search through area aisles also reveals new items from smaller, scrappy upstarts.

There are brand new entrants to the trend of gluten-free and coconut products. La Bonne organic virgin coconut oil is available at the Giant Food Store at Montrose Crossing in Rockville, which is also featuring Absolutely gluten-free raw coconut chews (cranberry chocolate or chocolate and cacao nib-flavor).

Meanwhile, Moti’s Market in Rockville and Safeway on Rockville Pike are selling Lieber’s new organic coconut milk this year. And if you’re planning on “breading” something delicious, Jeff Nathan has new gluten-free Cajun panko flakes on sale at Giant.

Brand new to the Shopper’s in Rockville’s White Flint Plaza is one of the fiercest 2018 entries: Lieber’s hot sauce. It packs a punch and can rescue any bland Passover food. And there’s more in terms of new sauces and dressings. Shalom Kosher in Silver Spring is featuring two new items: Mikee’s marinara sauce and apple cider vinegar by Tonnelli.

As always, there’s plenty new for the sweet tooth. If you’re baking, Moti’s Market has a new line of kosher for Passover flours from Pereg. There’s banana flour, coconut flour, quinoa flour and almond meal flour. (For the mornings, Pereg also has new instant quinoa flakes).

But if you don’t want to worry about dessert yourself, as always, Manischewitz has something to offer with new gluten-free hazelnut chocolate macaroons at Giant. Shopper’s also has some sweet treats in new animal-shaped gummies and “fruit twiggs” by Shefa, and there’s more where that came from with new fruit-flavored candy from Elite at Safeway.

In fact, the Safeway’s dessert section is full of new kosher-for-Passover items, starting with Geffen’s cherry and apple pie fillings. And they feature a slew of new items from Haddar: chocolate covered orange peels, chocolate covered marzipan cream, Mandel mini croutons and Mandel crouton sticks.

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