New year, new wedding trends

photo by sammydavisdog
photo by sammydavisdog

With each year come new wedding trends, and in 2014, it’s really time to start thinking outside of the box. Music-themed, tropical beach weddings, white weddings and red weddings? Those are no longer trendy these days — and not many will be planning a red one, thanks to Game of Thrones.

But have no fear. There are plenty of new trends worth considering. And you can always use these ideas as inspiration for something else or combine some to make it unique. Take a look at five popular trends for 2014.

Woodland theme
According to The Knot, a popular wedding media company and wedding planning/idea website, possibly the trendiest wedding theme this year is rustic, earthy and natural. As in a branches, leaves, flowers (a lot of flowers), faux fur, Mirkwood in Lord of the Rings vibe. Think green, branchy centerpieces, animal motif invitations and decorations, and flower girls with flower crowns.

For the bride, a gown with ethereal lace and floral patterns with a long veil should do the trick, and bridesmaids with mismatched, sparkly dresses and loose braids, echoing the look of the bride. The flowery and green/earthy decorations can also be set up to complement the food and wedding cake as well.

Pink, purple and romantic
Does the woodland theme have a little too much going on for your fancy? Don’t worry. Simple things such as color are in these days. Rachel Griffiths of Bridal Guide magazine writes that event designer Tara Guérard of the Charleston- and New York-based company Soirée says the color pink is in: “It’s the nudes, the blushes, the peaches — not Pepto-Bismol pink!” writes that a chocolate-box purple color scheme is also in, meaning deep purple and plums in the flowers, bridesmaid dresses and table linens.

Another idea that could probably go along with either color scheme is a traditional, Roaring Twenties romance theme. Think The Great Gatsby, with big band jazz music, crystal candlesticks, fine china and white-gloved waiters.

It’s all in the invite
Melinda Morris of Brooklyn, N.Y., paperie boutique Lion In The Sun tells Bridal Guide that custom invites will be popular this year. This doesn’t mean you have to be a good artist (but by all means, if you are, design them yourself to make it even more personal). If you have an idea, an artist is out there who can make your dream invitations a reality. Invitations are also getting smaller. Morris says that the most requested invites are smaller than the standard five inches by seven inches.

Two other trends that the website The Knot provides don’t specifically concern the look and decor of the wedding itself. They have to do with a certain aspect of most people’s daily lives, which is the use of a smartphone. These days, when people go to an event, everyone connected with them on social media attends too — just not physically. Take a wedding, for example. Attendees might live-Tweet it, hashtag the newlyweds’ last name, and upload photos immediately to Facebook and Instagram so friends not in attendance can follow along.

For many couples, a scene involving guests attached to their phones during the ceremony and reception is a huge no-no. The key to changing this is an unplugged wedding. From adding reminders to wedding websites and ceremony programs asking guests to not take photo and video to administering a phone check at the door, couples are making sure that their wedding will be a private, more intimate affair, free of social media.

However, some couples might want the exact opposite of an unplugged wedding. An arguably more popular trend involves providing numerous, decorative phone-charging stations at the wedding reception. This will ensure guests’ phones stay charged so there are plenty of photos taken throughout the day and posted to social media, along with a custom hashtag for the affair.

Party like a rock star
Last, but not least, is the all-nighter wedding theme. And no, we’re not talking about the all-nighter you pulled in college. We’re talking all-nighter, as in party all night.

OK, not literally, but couples these days love to party and want their weddings to last as long as possible, long after the reception. According to The Knot, many couples keep the celebration going by changing the vibe or style, and moving the party into a different room or location. This after-party will usually have a completely different look and feel, accompanied with late-night eats and drink pairings.

Just remember to have transportation arranged for wherever guests are staying, so no one drinks and drives.

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