No more concessions


Rabbi Alana Suskin attempts to posit a biblical basis for an Israeli obligation to make offerings for the sake of peace (“Delay no longer possible in the struggle for peace,” WJW, March 20). Here’s the part she misses:

We are to fulfill the mitzvot given to us, including making offerings and specifically peace offerings to God, and it’s arguable that God has been kind to us in return.

Israel has been making peace offerings to her Arab neighbors, including to the Palestinian Arabs, for decades, and the terrorist regimes that control the Palestinian Arabs have given her nothing but more terrorism. The Holy One abhors human sacrifice, while the appetite of the Holocaust-denying Mahmoud Abbas for Jewish blood is endless. Not only should he not be idolized as Rabbi Suskin would do, but Israel would be well within her rights to offer no further concessions in the current negotiations.

Needham, Mass.
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  1. Idolizing Mahmoud Abbas? Baloney! The author of this letter is resorting to lies and gross exaggerations to support his extremist, right-wing perspective.


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