Not up to standards


I was deeply disturbed after reading Suzanne Pollak’s story “Embezzler pleads guilty in California” (WJW, April 17) and its not because of Eric Levine’s misconduct. I believe the article was nothing more than slander and lashon harah (evil speech). In addition to covering Jewish news stories, I believe a Jewish paper should also be held to Jewish ethical standards. According to Jewish law a person should only be rebuked privately. One must be extremely careful not to embarrass a person in public, or to relate a matter that brings him shame. Clearly, Levine acted wrongfully and should be punished, but publicizing it is inappropriate and not the Jewish way. The front page placement of the article illustrates a commitment toward sensationalism over journalism. It would seem to me that the tragic shooting at the JCC in Kansas City was far more deserving of front page coverage than Levine’s crime. The WJW must distance itself from sinking to the level of the tabloid.

Chevy Chase

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