Orthodox group against Iran deal calls for prayer and unity


An Orthodox Jewish outreach group that is against the Iranian nuclear deal is asking Jews around the world to recite two chapters from the Book of Psalms on Sept. 8 to both pray for Israel and to unify Jews prior to the Congress’ vote on the deal in mid-September.

The Day of Jewish Unity, coordinated by Acheinu, is being held on the 82nd anniversary of the passing of the Chofetz Chaim, a leader of world Jewry in pre-war Europe.

“He was essentially known for his desire to interject civility into our private discourse,” said Aaron Troodler, spokesman for Acheinu, which has offices in Lakewood, N.J., and Israel.

Participants are asked to recite Chapters 20 and 130 from Psalms between 7 a.m. and noon EDT. Those psalms were chosen as they both “call out to God in times of trouble, in times of crisis,” Troodler said.


To gather participants, Acheinu is spending $150,000 on advertisements in Jewish newspapers and radio stations throughout the United States as well as a social media campaign.

It also produced a 30-second video for a Day of Jewish Unity Facebook page. Acheinu noted in its press release that the video has elicited anti-Semitic and virulent comments, such as “Death to Israel.”

This highlights the need for Jews to come together and pray for divine intervention to combat the dangers that they presently face, Acheinu stated in its press release.

“If the Iran deal is approved in its present form, there is a prevailing sense that it would place the Jewish people in harm’s way and pose a grave threat to democracies worldwide,” according to Acheinu’s press release.

Whichever way Congress votes on the nuclear weapons deal with Iran, “this is something we will have to contend with for a long time,” Troodler said. Therefore, Acheinu hopes that Jews will reflect upon the Chofetz Chaim’s desire for unity.

“This is a time when we should be coming together and working for the common goal” of protecting Israel, he said. Instead, “we are fighting with one and other when we should be working together,” he said.

Also on Sept. 8, a delegation of rabbis and community leaders are expected to go to Radin, Belarus, to pray at the Chofetz Chaim’s grave.

“As we face the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran, we are seeing an incredible display of Jewish pride and unity as people from around the world are coming together to rely on our faith and engage in prayer in order to avert disaster and persevere,” said Rabbi Motty Kroizer, international director of Acheinu. “As people understand the gravity of the situation and comprehend the serious danger that exists if Iran is permitted to continue its pursuit of a nuclear weapon, they recognize that this is a time of crisis and we need to act together now.”

According to Acheinu, several dozen businesses in North America and Israel have committed to participate by encouraging employees to recite the two chapters and also to pray for Israel’s welfare. The group’s spokesman was not aware of any Maryland or Washington participants.

To sign up to participate, go to www.DayOfJewishUnity.com.

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