Pleasing refutation


Pleasing refutation

When I read the headline “J Street’s growing pains” (WJW, April 11), I braced myself for an ode to J Street. I was enormously pleased that the article provided refutation for each statement and assertion made J Street. A more appropriate headline would have been “J Street Exposed.”
As Morton Klein of ZOA points out, J Street criticizes and often condemns Netanyahu and Israel, but has nary a bad word to say about Abbas and the Palestinian Authority. Ben-Ami is correct when he states that “J Street never set out to be an alternative to AIPAC.” Ben-Ami has set out to be an alternative to the Israeli government. J Street is not accountable to anyone, answering only to its patrons. Its policy recommendations are in direct opposition to the majority of Israelis and certainly in opposition to the Israeli government.

J Street is growing by enlisting and embracing all those critical of Israel and by indulging students like Asher Mayerson, who believe they have something important to say. Aside from Mayerson’s erroneous claim that the Arab world supports “two states for two people,” it is his arrogance and naivete that is so appalling. Why should the Jewish values of students trump those of Israelis? How can Mayerson put his trust in an Arab League made up of despots and dictators, with many of those who signed the Arab peace plan killed or deposed? Mayerson calls for an end to the blame game, yet J Street is built on blaming Israel.

Just once I would like someone to ask J Street why a Palestinian state will mean peace and security for Israel. Just once I would like to read J Street blame Palestinians and not Israel.

To be sure we American Jews are interested parties, but since only Israelis die in the conflict, they and only they decide.
Silver Spring

Full-day preschool
I read with interest the article on how Temple Beth Ami has joined the growing number of congregations in the Washington area who’ve enhanced their commitment to the Jewish education of young children by establishing a full-day program (“Temple Beth Ami Nursery School to go full day,” WJW, April 25).

Har Shalom, the congregation I attend, is entering its fourth year of a providing a full-day Jewish preschool program to the community. We also recognized the need for our working families to have this option. Our model, though, has been different than the one described in the article. We are not partnered with another provider but have provided this service by extending our existing program.

It will be interesting to see how each model progresses, and it could make for interesting reading. May I suggest WJW plan a future follow-up article looking at the Washington-area Jewish full-day preschool situation and how well we as a community are meeting the needs of our working parents.

Ongoing struggle
So many Jews in American think that with Operation Solomon, more than 22 years ago, completed the commitment to Ethiopian Jewish rescue. Absorption is an ongoing struggle for so many who, after waiting 2,000 years, discovered that the splendor of actually arriving in Jerusalem would not be enough. For arrivals who have come since, the effort to acculturate within Israeli society has added to the urgency for our attention. Hopefully the article (“From Gondar to Jerusalem,” WJW, April 25) will draw renewed interest among those concerned for a whole Israel, in all its diversity, body and soul.

On behalf of The North American Conference On Ethiopian Jewry (NACOEJ) and Congregation Tifereth Israel, in Glen Cove, Long Island, that opened its hearts in aiding Tsega as well as others, I and my husband, Bob, thank you.

I am ashamed to find out that the U. S. Senate has voted to oppose minimal common-sense gun control legislation.

Thankfully both of our U.S. senators in Maryland supported these measures, while 46 senators, including 90 percent of Republicans, opposed requiring that sales at gun shows and those bought online first need a criminal background check. Even more of these “elected officials” opposed the banning of assault weapons or large-scale ammunition cartridges.

Most shockingly, 57 of these elected officials voted to allow someone who receives a “right to carry” license in rural Wyoming or Texas to automatically have the right to carry their concealed weapon in downtown Washington or Baltimore. This is the height of insanity.

We know how to eliminate these mass shootings: by outlawing assault weapons and large clips of ammunition.

Most disturbing were the votes of so-called moderates who showed they are really extremists willing to do whatever the NRA says.

Sens. Warner of Virginia and Manchin of West Virginia both voted against the assault weapons and ammunition bans and for the right-to-carry provision. However, Sen. Portman of Ohio voted with the NRA and against the overwhelming majority of Americans on all four measures.

This shameful result does not need to be permanent. Please contact your legislators, and call your friends and family across the country to communicate with their legislators in Washington. Tell these so called “elected officials” to listen to America and strengthen our gun laws.

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