Random Experiences from Israel


Things I am slowly learning:

There’s not a problem just because the person near you is carrying a large gun. In fact, it’s a good thing.

Just because there are directional signs pointing to what sounds like an interesting place to check out, doesn’t mean it’s so. I followed three signs, walked several blocks, excited to see just what Jerusalem of Gold really was. Turns out it’s a fancy condominium building luring in possible tenants.

It’s only scary if you know about it. Thursday morning, I spent about an hour-and-a-half walking through the Arab shuk inside the Old City, exciting through the Damascus Gate. It was a thrilling experience, breathing in the sights and smells and purchasing pistachio nuts. Turns out there were two incidents of Arabs throwing stones at Jews right where I was not long after I left.


There is always a great way to bring in business. This being summer, many young people are visiting Israel, hence the numerous signs on stores noting special sales just for Maccabiah, USY, Brithright and Camp Ramada tourists.

Ask and you shall be answered.  Upon seeing members of the Great Britain’s Maccabbiah 2013 rugby team waiting to board their bus, I congratulated them on their newest royal family member. One player looked at me and said, You Americans are really excited, and we pay more taxes.

Capitol Hill security could learn a few things from their counterparts at the Knesset. Instead of throwing out any water bottles they find, security at the Knesset makes you drink some of your water to prove it’s only plain water.

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