Rejuvenating identity


I read David Steren’s article, “The Scubi Jew,” (WJW, Sept. 5) with great interest. I would suggest to him that the 12 years of being “force-fed” his Jewish and secular education were well spent. Because he went to a place like the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School, he had a basis on which he could arrive at the conclusions that he described so eloquently in his article.

In fact, many of his day-school peers and previous generations of day-school graduates have gone through similar periods in their lives. They lose touch with their Jewishness and either reject it altogether or are indifferent to it. Then, an incident in their lives, like what happened to David, brings about the rejuvenation of their Jewish identity and their relationships with God. Kol hakavod to you, David, and keep up the good work.


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