Sarah Silverman and Jesus Christ team up for reproductive rights PSA


“Using religion to dictate legislation is un-American. But it’s happening,” says comedian Sarah Silverman in a hilarious PSA on reproductive rights.

The Jewish comedian recently posted a video on her YouTube account, in which she discusses the current state of reproductive rights in America, and how many states are making it harder for those who want to get abortions and adding controversial examinations beforehand.

In the video, Silverman highlights when the term “One nation under God” was added to the pledge of allegiance, as well as the number of abortion clinics Texas governor Rick Perry plans to shut down (hint: it’s 37).

Some of the video is NSFW in it’s language and illustrations, and to add to it’s hilarity, Jesus Christ himself appears, dropping F-bombs, watching NCIS  and exchanging massages with The Sarah Silverman Program star, and assuring her, “That’s a good little Jewish girl.” Also, according to Silverman’s Jesus, life begins “at 40.”

Despite the silly setup, it’s clear that the Silverman is passionate about getting her message across. See for yourself.

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  1. Sarah Silverman is a fine example of how progressivism holds the vulgar and depraved in the highest regard while treating the noble and honorable as scum. Everything Sarah stands for. Ra Ra Sarah!

  2. she missed the point – when Jesus said he’s tired of people who use his name for intolerance and oppression, he was talking about Sarah Silverman.


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