Save our children from the Iran deal


I am a distraught parent and grandparent who believes that President Obama’s proposed Iran deal endangers our children’s future by condemning them to face a nuclear armed Iran in the coming years and a vastly increased terrorist threat now. Even if President Obama is correct, that this deal puts off Iran getting the bomb for ten years, that is nothing in the lifetimes of our children and grandchildren. My grandchildren will just be of military age in ten years.

Incredibly, this deal requires the United States to help Iran prevent any sabotage of its nuclear facilities, of the sort the Israelis did to Iran with the malicious Stuxnet virus.

In the meantime, we are giving Iran a $150 billion signing bonus to buy sophisticated military equipment to arm itself, Hamas, Hezbollah, Syrian government forces and other terrorist groups. This $150 billion dwarfs the $3 billion in military aid we give Israel annually. The Russians have already announced a sale of advanced anti-ballistic missile systems to Iran to guard the nuclear facilities.

Nothing in this agreement, according to the president, addresses Iran’s support for terrorism. The president says that current restrictions prevent Iran from exporting arms. Such restrictions have not stopped Iran’s arming Hezbollah and Assad. The lifting of sanctions on conventional military equipment and on ballistic missile development was never supposed to be part of a deal limited to nuclear weapons.

Obama said he refused to discuss Iran’s intercontinental ballistic missile development, a program which can only be aimed at the United States (Israel is on the same continent as Iran) because the deal only concerned nuclear weapons. So why were conventional weapons restrictions and ballistic missile development restrictions lifted as part of this deal?

Gen. Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, testified before Congress only a week before the deal was announced that it was essential that the restrictions on ballistic missile development by Iran not be lifted, as was done in this agreement.

Many have written about how the inspections are not as promised “anywhere any time” and President Obama is disputing that he ever promised this, but the videos of speeches show that is what was promised as recently as April when the preliminary agreement was announced. The United States has a perfect record of being able to determine in advance if a state is secretly developing nuclear weapons. We have been wrong 100% of the time. We were surprised when North Korea, Pakistan, India, France, Russia and China test detonated nuclear weapons. There is nothing in this deal which gives any indication that we will not be surprised again.

The president has posed a false alternative: this deal or war. This deal ensures war, but one in which our enemy has nuclear weapons. Rather than limiting the spread of nuclear weapons, this deal is starting a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, with Saudi Arabia and Egypt indicating they will pursue nuclear weapons now. Something they never felt they needed to do before. Is the world a safer place with the most volatile region in the world, rife with terrorists and religious fanaticism, armed with nuclear weapons?

The alternative is not war but coercive sanctions. The sanction’s regime, which Congress passed over Obama’s objections, was effective and holding firm until Obama starting negotiating with Iran and then, with the prospect of the sanctions being lifted, firms started lining up for contracts. America’s biggest clout is the banking system. If we closed the US banking system to those doing business with Iran, as we did under the most recent sanctions passed by Congress over Obama’s objections, the sanctions will hold.

Given the difference in the size of the two economies, it is only rational to choose doing business with America over Iran.  With a crippled economy, Iran would have had a more difficult time supporting foreign terrorists or its nuclear ambitions. Obama gave this up for the chimera of a deal putting off a nuclear armed Iran until he is out of office and does not have to deal with the consequences of his action.

There is no more important vote that our representatives will ever take than this one. There is probably no more important action you can take to ensure your children’s and grandchildren’s futures than calling your senator and congressman and telling them to vote against the Iranian deal. Tell them you will remember in November how they voted.

Carol Greenwald is chairperson of JADL, Jews Against Divisive Leaders.


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