Saved by French Christians


After reading the article by Gerard Leval “Jews should not abandon France,” (WJW, July 3), I cannot help but add that if I am alive today, it is thanks to some wonderful friends and neighbors who risked their lives to save us. I was a hidden Jewish child with my sister and my parents in a minuscule village in Dordogne, and the mayor warned us every time there was a roundup or militia coming to look for Jews. The farmers kept quiet and never said anything about us. Despite increased dangers from all sides, they fed us and hid us. They knew that my parents kept cyanide pills, ready to give them to us if the Germans came to get us.

As I tell my story of survival in my just published book in English, A dimanche prochain: A memoir of survival in World War II France, I write how every day was a miracle. Even though we survived, more than 200 members of my extended Dutch family were murdered in Sobibor and Auschwitz.


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