Subliminal hatred


While Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tried to shift the focus to the threat of Iran’s nuclear program during talks in the Oval Office, both President Obama and the State Department continued their emphasis on the settlement controversy and the failed talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (“Bibi to Obama: Keep eyes on Iran,” WJW, Oct. 9). In the usual less-than-friendly meetings between President Obama and Netanyahu, the president again focused on the building of a few thousand housing units in areas that are destined to remain part of Israel, instead of concentrating on the Iranian nuclear program, the continuing presence of Hezbollah and Hamas on Israel’s borders and the current wars in the region. Perhaps motivated by his mentors, Jeremiah Wright and Rashid Khalidi, the president exhibits a subliminal hate for the state of Israel, which he vents whenever he meets with Netanyahu.

In any event, only the Congress and the U.S. supporters of Israel can balance the actions that our current president has taken, both against Israel and its prime minister. Hopefully, the next presidential election will bring into office a president more sympathetic to Israel and to the many problems that it faces.

Silver Spring

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