The Chanukah story retold


When the Macabees, or as they were called by some, the HUCKABEES came marching in to Jerusalem up the HILARY to the temple, they found that the SANTORUM had been desecrated by the Syrians.   The first thing they decided to do was to dedicate and re-CHRISTIE it so the place would be holy again and suitable to use.

They looked all over for the objects necessary to perform this task. They looked in the trees and SANDERS nearby. They even searched under a BUSH by the Temple, all to no avail. Just as they were about to give up hope, they found a tiny CRUZ of oil that was supposed to last only one day.

Now this oil lamp was not the kind that you would RUBIO and a genie would come out. In fact the oil wasn’t at all like the kind we have today. It wasn’t oil that could be used to run your CARSON or CARLY. Nor could it be used to RANDomly PAUL tractors.

To the surprise of all, the oil burned for 8 days, longer than anyone anticipated, and thereby TRUMPED all bets as to how long it would last.

Stuart Weinblatt is rabbi of Congregation B’nai Tzedek in Potomac.

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