The importance of Bloomberg


The FAA stopped its ban almost as quickly as Michael Bloomberg decided to fly to Ben Gurion Airport to show he wasn’t afraid of “the world’s safest airport” (“FAA lifts ban on Israel flights”, July 24).

Bloomberg is a strong, credible voice for Israel’s ability to defend itself against thousands of Hamas rockets. He has the gravitas to gain the media’s attention – and the courage to step out front.

Mr. Bloomberg – will you continue to be a game changer in Israel’s efforts to defend itself? How about Gaza “crowding” and housing issues.

As former New York mayor, will you talk about how Manhattan houses its people? Gaza is not the most crowded place on earth, as Hamas claims. Manhattan has a population density almost eight times greater than Gaza. (Gaza-9,713 per square miles; Manhattan-70,826 per square mile.)

You are uniquely qualified to talk about Manhattan and its housing. Your government issued the construction permits.

Will you ask where is the Gaza construction with the tons of concrete Israel provided to improve the lot of Gazans? Gazans could have built a number of high rises to house its people – why concrete tunnels. (In 2010, The Jerusalem Post reported that the IDF uncovered one tunnel that “was constructed using approximately 24,000 Israeli concrete slabs which the IDF had permitted into Gaza to ease the crisis in the civilian construction sector.”) Mr. Bloomberg, will you ask Hamas, “Did you build up? Where has all the concrete gone?”


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