The top ten Mel Brooks movie lines


By Max Moline

Mel Brooks has become one of the most iconic Jewish comic writers with movies like Blazing Saddles, The Producers, and more. I’ve assembled a list of what I feel are the ten best lines from his movies. Feel free to disagree with me on twitter (@MaxMolineWJW) or in the comment section below!

10. From Blazing Saddles:
Charlie: They said you was hung!
Bart: And they was right!

9. From the Producers (both versions):
Max Bialystock: How could this happen? I was so careful. I picked the wrong play, the wrong director, the wrong cast—where did I go right?

8. From Blazing Saddles:
Bart: Are we awake?
Jim: We’re not sure. Are we…black?
Bart: Yes we are.
Jim: Then we’re awake, but we’re very puzzled.
[Jim grabs liquor bottle]
Bart: Maybe you should eat something first.
Jim: No, food makes me sick.
Bart: A man drinks like that and he don’t eat, he is going to DIE!
Jim: When?
Bart: What’s your name?
Jim: Well, my name is Jim, but most people call me….Jim.
Bart: Ok Jim, since you are my guest and I am your host, what’s your pleasure? What do you like to do?
Jim: Oh, I don’t know. Play chess…screw…
Bart: Well let’s play chess.

7. From Young Frankenstein:
Frederick Frankenstein: It’s pronounced “Fronkensteen.”
Igor: Do you also say “Froaderick?”

6. From Spaceballs:
Lonestar: That’s all we needed. A Druish princess.
Barf: Funny, she doesn’t look Druish!

5. From Robin Hood: Men in Tights:
Robin of Loxley: Watch my back!
Achoo: Your back just got punched twice.

4. From History of the World, Part I:
Announcer: Torquemada—do not implore him for compassion! Torquemada—do not beg him for forgiveness! Torquemada—do not ask him for mercy! Let’s face it: you can’t Torquemada anything!

3. From Silent Movie:
Marcel Marceau: Non!

2. From Spaceballs:
Dark Helmet: What’s the matter, Colonel Sanders, chicken?

And now for the number one quote….

Drumroll please…

1. From History of the World, Part I:
Oedipus: Give to Oedipus! Give to Oedipus….heyyyy, Josephus!
Josephus: Hey, motherf****r!

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