Time for a change


This year, similar to when rabbis and Russian Orthodox priests were given their sermons by the chairman of the USSR’s Politburo, history will repeat itself and Reform rabbis will, for the fifth time, be given their High Holy Days talking points by none other than Barack Hussein Obama.

We should demand better not just from the Reform rabbis, who are most in need of correction, but from all rabbis. In this new year, let us dedicate ourselves to the needs of the entire Jewish community.

Rabbis and other Jewish leaders should demand that America’s only political prisoner, Jonathan Pollard, be released from prison; his sentence exceeds by a multiple of 20 those served by people who spied for China and for Arab nations, enemy nations.

Rabbis and other Jewish leaders should work together to set up an employment bank for all of the Jews left unemployed by the failure of the Obama economic recovery.


Mitzvah days should be directed to helping those Jews our community all too frequently chooses to ignore: the poor, the needy, the single, the elderly, and the unemployed.

Rabbis and the Jewish community, including the ever-flaccid ADL, should spend less time worrying about the rights of illegal immigrants and Muslims in both the U.S. and Israel, and should instead focus on the ever-increasing anti-Semitism caused by the rise of the radical left and the Islamic populations in America and around the world.

These same overpaid “leaders” should end their criticism of Israel’s “settlements” in the mountains of Judea and Samaria that overlook Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and instead broadcast the dangers facing Israel from her Arab neighbors, from Iran, and from the false face of peace being presented to the world by Mahmoud Abbas.

L’shana tova.

JONATHAN E. GRANT, Silver Spring

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  1. In the winter of 1936, Hitler crossed an important red line. He flagrantly violated the Treaty of Versailles by reoccupying the Rhineland. France, which had declared that it would not permit such an act, hesitated to confront him. Britain simply refused to do so. Spooked by the recent horrors of the recent Great War (World War I), no one moved to stop Hitler’s flagrant violation of one of the foundation stones of the then existing world order. The message to Nazi Germany was clear: the Western democracies did not have the stomach to confront German rearmament and expansionism. From that moment on, Nazi Germany perceived that it could proceed unopposed down a path towards European conquest and genocide. The Iranians, with their dreams of Middle East domination and of the destruction of those they oppose, including Israel, have assuredly taken stock of the Western and, especially, the American response to the crossing of the most recent international red line by their proxy, Syria’s Assad regime.


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